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Our team of expertise offers assistance with the following legal services:

  • Draft/analyze legal documents, applications, correspondence, pleadings, and affidavits.
  • Conduct legal research.
  • Assist with client paperwork.
  • Assist with promissory notes, loan agreements.
  • Assist in settlement negotiations.
  • Prepare documents for Homeland Security and immigration court.
  • Act as a translator for clients


In addition, our team of experts can assist with major contracts in the Real Estate field, especially between different general contractors. We can also do the following in the field:

  • Provide support for real estate transactions.
  • Coordinate closings, and prepare files
  • Draft deeds, mortgages, and other closing documentation
  • Assist with purchase and sales contracts/land contracts.
  • Review title reports and resolves title issues
  • Prepare title commitments and title policies.
  • Prepare rental agreements.
  • Maintain and monitors important dates and deadlines.